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Styrian seeds

Styrian seeds

The pumpkin is among the most widely cultivated crops in the world. These large fruits with orange flesh and seeds which are the common delicacy - possess a plethora of useful properties. However, there is a variety of pumpkin arousing particular interest: the gymnosperm pumpkin. The seeds of this plant do not have a shell, which is why they are so called. They are superior to the usual pumpkin seeds because of their size, fullness, oleaginousness, and their content of useful substances.

There are several types of gymnosperm pumpkin, but one of the most promising is the Styrian pumpkin. Its place of origin is the Austrian province of Styria, where for more than 200 years this plant has been grown for its seeds and famous pumpkin seed oil having pronounced nutty taste and smell. Because of its colour and remedial powers this product is called "the black gold of Styria".

Today Styrian pumpkin seeds are popular not only in Austria but in many other European countries, such as: Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, among others. On the shelves of European supermarkets and health food shops you will find both packed seeds and bottles with the 'black gold', the oil obtained from Styrian pumpkin seeds. It has reached America, and even the far-flung coastline of Australia.

Useful properties

So what makes Styrian pumpkin seeds so remarkable, apart from the fact that they don't need to be shelled.

  • As we have already noted, gymnospermous pumpkin seeds contain many beneficial substances: vitamin E (of which, incidentally, in pumpkin oil there is 5 times more than in olive oil), micro- and macro-elements (zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, selenium, copper), group B vitamins, among others.
  • They are also an excellent source of top-quality vegetable protein (up to 30%), so essential for different categories of sportsmen looking to increase their muscle mass, rapidly growing adolescents, people with an active life style, vegetarians, vegans, etc.
  • Styrian pumpkin seeds provide the body with amino-acids, such as tryptophane (an amino-acid for a good mood and improved sleep quality) and arginine (responsible for the workings of the heart and the state of the blood vessels, restoring cell structure and muscle building).
  • You will find in the seeds vegetable fiber which improves the work of the intestine, cleaning it and enabling weight reduction.
  • A combination of minerals, phospholipides and phytosterols normalizes bile secretion and enables cholesterol excess clearance.
  • Zinc and magnesium improve male sexual potency. Men need 6-8 times more zinc than women.
  • Zinc helps the pancreas to produce insulin and is able to normalize sugar in the blood.
  • Scientific research has confirmed that Styrian pumpkin seeds help to prevent disease of the prostate gland, to slow down its progress and even turn the disease around.
  • The combination of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, minerals and micro-elements help improve the condition of hair, nails and skin, where improvements can be seen in adolescents struggling with spots that seem to appear from nowhere, and also women over the age of 40 who dream of keeping their smooth tight skin as long as possible.
  • Styrian pumpkin seeds have a gentle anthelminthic effect.
  • They are capable of preventing bladder and kidney disease.
  • This precious seed can help in preventing the most dangerous diseases of modern times: cancer, strokes, arterial sclerosis, etc., through its high content of antioxidants and fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6.

This list can go on… One more drop of honey may be provided by the fact that this remarkable product very rarely causes allergies and may be an excellent addition to the daily food intake of everyone from baby to adult.


The Styrian pumpkin in Russia

The Styrian pumpkin is not as well-known in Russia as it is in European countries. However, despite the fact that it requires much care and attention, is can be successfully cultivated in Russia, providing fruit with a mass of 4-8 kg, whose greatest value is its considerable amount of unique seeds. GC "Concern Pokrovsky" is the only major producer of Styrian pumpkin seeds in the Russian Federation. In 2017 GC "Concern Pokrovsky" will produce more than 1000 tons of Styrian seeds. Each year areas under cultivation are increased and modern specialised equipment is purchased. Pumpkin cultivation on the fields of GC "Concern Pokrovsky" farms comply with modern standards for the production of organic agricultural produce. Pumpkins are cultivated mechanically and manually without the use of toxic chemicals and fertilisers. The Styrian pumpkin harvest is processed at the Concern's own factory, where it is dried and then partly supplied to markets of the European Union, and partly to Russian processors for the production of eco- and bio-products.

Styrian pumpkin seeds are one of the products that GC "Pokrovsky Concern" markets under the trade mark 'Solncem sogreti' ('Warmed by the Sun'). This product will give your customers the chance to discover for themselves a genuine storehouse of useful substances having a beneficial effect on the human body.


A handful of tasty seeds and a spoonful of aromatic oil a day are capable of creating a miracle. Good health!

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