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The Group of Companies "Concern Pokrovsky" is made up of more than 35 enterprises in 5 different areas, primarily on the territory of the Southern Federal District. Аgrobusiness is the Concern's priority line of activity. The Concern's group of agro-enterprises includes 25 farms in 13 regions of Krasnodar district.

Concern "Pokrovsky" is one of the top ten in the Russian Federation in terms of land under cultivation and basic production activities. A combination of long-standing agricultural traditions and cutting-edge technology ensures the stable development of the Concern's agrarian activities.
The effective use of production, human and financial resources, and the modern technical provision of its enterprises enable the Concern to be actively engaged not only in the manufacture of agricultural produce but also its processing.What the group of companies produces is in demand not only on the Russian market, but also abroad.

We have recently begun to develop a project for the production of snacks. GC "Concern Pokrovsky" markets them under the trade mark 'Solncem sogreti' ('Warmed by the Sun').

Оne of our products is the much-loved sunflower seed. In the production of sunflower seeds we use only our own raw materials grown on the fields of GC "Concern Pokrovsky", which means that we can control the whole manufacturing process, from the field to the shop. In our work we combine modern innovative roasting technologies with traditional recipes. All of this means that our seeds are distinguished by their vivid unique taste and excellent quality.
GC "Concern Pokrovsky" is the only major producer of Styrian pumpkin seeds in the Russian Federation. Styrian gymnospermous pumpkin seeds are a unique product, a genuine storehouse of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.The seeds of this plant do not have a shell, which is why they are so called. They are superior to the usual pumpkin seeds because of their size, fullness, oleaginousness, and their content of useful substances.Pumpkin cultivation on the fields of GC "Concern Pokrovsky" farms comply with modern standards for the production of organic agricultural produce. Pumpkins are cultivated mechanically and manually without the use of toxic chemicals and fertilisers. The result is a natural and environmentally friendly product.


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